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Thank you for your interest and continued support of ChefGeneral.com. We like to do business differently than most. We believe that you should be able to buy anything that is available in the industry, not just the standard items that other sites sell out of convenience. Not only do we have everything but it is for sale at the best possible price. So instead of buying a 36 range for your restaurant, buy the 48 range that you really want with a broiler top, or instead of the standard double deck convection, perhaps maybe a full-size combination oven instead, all of which we have from many major brands, or maybe a 120 gallon kettle, yes we have those, or maybe a steam powered griddle, yes we have that too. We represent all of the major foodservice manufacturers and sell all of their products, even the oddball equipment that few people actually buy. If you need it we have it and if we dont have it, let us know and we will add it to the site just for you.

ChefGeneral .com is your 21St century virtual foodservice shopping assistant, dedicated to speed, reliability and ease of use. ChefGeneral .com is easy to navigate and very fast, so you can get what you need with as few clicks as possible, and get back to your business, knowing quite well that you will get what you ordered at the best price. Forget visiting a multitude of sites looking for the items you need, or buying one piece here and another piece there to get the best deal, use that shopping time instead to build revenue in your business. ChefGeneral .com has absolutely everything!

You can also use this site from any device that will connect to the internet with virtually no decrease in performance. Our unique virtual equipment engine uses the newest in web technology to allow the quickest and most secure possible transaction regardless of the type of computer or internet speed, or device used. So, if your fryer goes down, and you dont have a computer in your kitchen, you can use your web enabled phone to quickly order a new one and get back to work in minutes, saving the day.

Also, if you need to place an order that requires that you ship certain items to different locations, you can do this with as many as 10 different shipping locations in a single secured transaction, and your freight is calculated in real-time using many different carriers which guarantees the best possible rates and service availability.

Our staff is deeply rooted in the foodservice industry in many facets of the business, both from an operational side, but also in the equipment design and installation side. Whether it is a background in food and beverage operations, restaurant ownership, restaurant design, or competitive bid procurement, we have an extremely well rounded and versatile staff that can help you and your operation continue be a success.

ChefGeneral.com is looking forward to the opportunity to be your favorite foodservice equipment source!

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